The mobile application displays eight colored rectangles, each of them are painted with different color. The vibration pattern differs for every rectangle, except from two which have the same pattern.

The main aim of the user is to touch on the screen, where a colored rectangle is placed, in order to trigger the vibration motor of the smart phone. Then, the user should try to identify which two rectangles produce the same vibration pattern.

The patterns are based on two separate types of vibration. The first one alternates the vibration and idle time of the motors, while in the second one the vibration and idle time is the same for every color, but the number of repetitions changes.

There are totally 10 Haptic Tests

Haptic test 1

Haptic test 2

Haptic test 3

Haptic test 4

Haptic test 5

Haptic test 6

Haptic test 7

Haptic test 8

Haptic test 9